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The post-recession economic landscape and the emergence of new business and financial centers around the globe continue to confront the accounting profession with new challenges:

  • a renewed emphasis by the Securities and Exchange Commission on accounting fraud through the formation of a dedicated working group and the employment of new, data driven tools to ferret out signs of fraudulent financial reporting
  • a proposal for major revisions to the decades-old form of auditors’ report for publicly-traded companies that would detail the handling of critical issues arising in the course of the audit
  • the emergence of simplified financial reporting of certain transactions for small and medium-sized privately-held companies
  • continuing issues with financial reporting by foreign entities and regulatory actions against auditors of companies located in countries that restrict access to auditor work papers
  • an enduring focus by the regulators on auditor independence, including in connection with the performance of non-audit services
  • post-recession litigation against accountants and the persistence of the popular perception that fraud detection is part and parcel of an auditor’s engagement

This year’s presentation of ALI CLE’s popular Accountants’ Liability program will explore all of these, and other, critical areas and will feature a keynote address from Barry C. Melancon, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

This annual course of study taught by esteemed practitioners, General Counsel of an array of accounting firms, as well as officials from the SEC and PCAOB, offers a wide range of perspectives on the changing laws, principles, and attitudes that shape the field of accountants’ liability. Register today so that you can stay up to date in your practice and enjoy ample opportunities to network with fellow practitioners and preeminent faculty.

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Segment A | Register

— Current Developments and Course Overview
— Keynote Address
— The SEC’s Whistleblower Program: Implications for Accounting Firms
— Independence Issues
—Auditing and Accounting Issues and Substantive Defense Strategies in SEC and PCAOB Proceedings

Segment B | Register

— Litigating an Accountants' Liability Case: Plaintiffs' Panel 
— Litigating an Accountants' Liability Case: Defense Panel 

— The Future of Securities Class Actions Against Accounting Firms in the Wake of Halliburton and other Supreme Court Decisions 

— Damages and Causation 

— Maximizing the Value of Testifying and Consulting Experts

Segment C | Register

— In-House Counsel Speak
— SEC and the Profession
— Developments on the Horizon
— The PCAOB’s Perspective
— Accounting Risks and Exposures in the International Arena

Segment D | Register

— Data Security in the Accounting Industry: Identifying and Minimizing Risks
— Non-Public Company Accounting Litigation
— Privilege, Internal Investigations, and Employee Discipline: The Ethical Trifecta